Once upon a time.

Juana Skin co-founder Juana Martini spent her childhood in her family's olive tree fields where she forged a deep connection with earth and nature.

“The inspiration for Juana Skin comes from my childhood. I loved to help my Father press olive oil and mix it with bay laurel to make Aleppo soap, this curious-smelling, misshapen soap that has unrivalled healing benefits for skin. I learnt that in order to enjoy the immense therapeutic benefits of natural ingredients, we must patiently preserve the natural state as much as possible. This is the ethos that drives Juana formulations.”

Mother & Son

No one does better research than a worried Mum. When Juana saw her three adult children suffering from stress and anxiety while pursuing high-powered careers, she was determined to find a natural remedy.

Guided by her deep understanding of how nature works, she set about building a beauty and wellness brand to formulate products that would balance and de-stress the mind, body, and skin.

Together with her son Yann, she looked to hemp, knowing it to be a beautiful, medicinal plant with exceptional healing powers. They created Juana Skin.

At Juana Skin, we harness the potent power of farm-fresh CBD and combine it with therapeutic botanical extracts to create clinically-proven formulations that work in the most natural way.

CBD is the vehicle.
Balance is the destination.
Juana skin is happy skin.

Wear confidence.

At Juana Skin, we know that confidence is the most beautiful thing a person can wear. And it can't be applied with a brush or faked with a cream.

We couldn't find it on any shelf – everywhere we looked, we saw busy people struggling to find that deep sense of inner balance that gives you true confidence.

That's why we created Juana Skin, a range of high-performing, completely clean skincare and wellness products that balance skin, mind, and body.

Be beautiful.
Feel balanced.
Wear confidence.


Looking and feeling beautiful comes down to achieving balance.

Nothing but Nature

Our formulations are packed with high-performing natural extracts so that you experience CBD benefits in the most natural way.

Science not Magic

CBD interacts with a biological pathway in your skin that regulates stress, inflammation, and anxiety.

The Juana way is a clinically proven natural way to balance yourself and feel beautiful.

Completely Clean

We respect your health and we respect the environment.

Juana ingredients are ethically sourced and we use nothing harmful in our products


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